WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations

WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations

7 Seasons

Access the full plan here: https://app.theteamplans.com/full-body-foundations or search "Full Body Foundations" in the app.

Build a foundation of strength and form so you can safely progress to more advanced training.

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WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations
  • Day 1: Full Body Strength

    Episode 1

    31m | Beginner

    Full Body Foundations

    Build strength with less weight. Progress from tried-and-true compound exercises to new, more difficult variations. These workouts are all about tempo, technique, and increasing the technical difficulty week-to-week.

    Works Well For:
    Strength Training ...

  • Cooldown Recovery Flow

    Episode 2

    14m | Beginner

    Works Well For:
    Mobility & Flexibility | Recovery

    Equipment Needed:


    215 KB

    Do full body first, the rest is optional.

    See your program calendar for full details.