WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations

WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations

7 Seasons

Access the full plan here: https://app.theteamplans.com/full-body-foundations or search "Full Body Foundations" in the app.

Build a foundation of strength and form so you can safely progress to more advanced training.

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WEEK 1 - Full Body Foundations
  • Day 3: Full Body Conditioning

    Episode 1

    26m | Beginner

    Full Body Foundations

    Tap into every energy system with these fast-paced, resistance-based workouts. Burn fat, not muscle by combining the best resistance, cardio, and core moves for an epic burn that will blast fat, boost metabolism, and max out your muscles. Each week we’...

  • Cooldown Recovery Flow

    Episode 2

    14m | Beginner

    Works Well For:
    Mobility & Flexibility | Recovery

    Equipment Needed:


    215 KB

    Do full body first, the rest is optional.

    See your program calendar for full details.