WEEK 1 - Inner Athlete

WEEK 1 - Inner Athlete

7 Seasons

Welcome to Week 1, Level 2 of the Inner Athlete Challenge! Click “more” to see a full breakdown of this week’s schedule.

MON - Full Body Base Builder

TUE - Energizing Upper Body Mobility (optional)
+ 30-45 minute cardio

WED - Athlete Ready Conditioning

THU - Shake Your Booty Pilates (optional)
+ 30-45 minute cardio

FRI - Full Body Fusion Pilates

SAT - Red Light Green Light Cardio (optional)

SUN - Keep It Moving Mobility (optional)
+ 30-45 minute cardio



Each week we recommend 3 full body workouts and staying active on the days in between. Think of full body workouts as your “non-negotiables” and everything else as optional.

By giving yourself flexibility, you’ll learn to better listen to your body and adapt your training to your needs.


These cardio guidelines are just a starting point to get you used to combining strength and endurance training in your routine. If you’re a more experienced runner or practice another endurance-based sport, please see our full FAQs here: https://theteamplans.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/12043401841549-The-Inner-Athlete-Challenge

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WEEK 1 - Inner Athlete
  • Full Body Base Builder

    Episode 1

    49m | Intermediate to Advanced

    Works Well For:
    Strength Training | Muscle Building | Stability & Balance | Abs & Core

    Equipment Needed:
    Light dumbbells (5-10 lbs), Heavy dumbbells (15-30 lbs), Team Bands, Box


    3.94 MB

    Welcome to Week 1, Level 2 of the Inner Athlete Challenge!