WEEK 1 - Show Up Series

WEEK 1 - Show Up Series

6 Seasons

Welcome to the Show Up Series!

This challenge is here to help you stop overthinking and start moving.

Over the next 2 weeks, you will follow a weightlifting-based full body split focused on compound lifts with a functional twist.

By completing the Show Up Series you can expect to:
✓ Discover a change that you can maintain
✓ Unlock the power of “less is more” full body training
✓ Create habits around daily movement
✓ Build consistency with your routine

The Show Up Series is for you if:
✓ You’re stuck in the cycle of waiting for the “right time” but never starting
✓ You struggle to maintain your routine when life gets busy
✓ You feel like you’re not doing enough unless you’re going to extremes
✓ You’re ready to try a “less is more” approach to build consistency
✓ You can commit to 30 minute full body workouts, 3x per week

Throughout the Show Up Series, we will take a “less is more” approach with:
-Full body strength training, 3x per week
-Active recovery on the days in between, including optional: mobility and core sessions

The Show Up Series is based around our short and effective, “less is more” approach to training. You can expect full body workouts around 30 minutes each, with 15-30 minute active recovery recommendations on the days in between.

The Show Up Series is suitable for all levels, with modifications for the fitness newbie and progressions for the more advanced trainee.

This challenge includes a combination of dumbbell-only and bodyweight workouts that can be completed at home or in a gym. We recommend having access to:

- 1 lighter set of dumbbells (5-10 lbs)
- 1 heavier set of dumbbells (15-30 lbs)
- Non-slip resistance bands (get ours here)
- Bench / box / or stable piece of furniture 1-2’ off the ground
- Exercise mat

Learn more about the challenge here: https://theteamplans.com/pages/show-up-series-2

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WEEK 1 - Show Up Series
  • Short & Spicy Full Body

    Episode 1

    31m | Intermediate

    Works Well For:
    Strength Training | Muscle Building | Stability & Balance | Abs & Core

    Equipment Needed:
    Light dumbbells (5-10 lbs), Heavy dumbbells (15-30 lbs)