WEEK 2 - Show Up Series

WEEK 2 - Show Up Series

6 Seasons

Welcome to Week 2 of the Show Up Series! Access the full challenge here: https://theteamplans.vhx.tv/show-up-series-1

Access the full challenge here: https://theteamplans.vhx.tv/inner-athlete-level-2-vol-2

MONDAY - Full Body 3-2-1 & Done

TUESDAY - Perfect Posture Pilates (optional)

WEDNESDAY - Super Strong Full Body

THURSDAY - Short & Sweet Peach Pilates (optional)

FRIDAY - Full Body Stop, Drop, & Burn

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Stretch & Reset Mobility (optional)

As a reminder, our goal is to simplify your routine so you can create the momentum you need to show up consistently. Throughout the Show Up Series, we will take a “less is more” approach to training with full body training 3x per week and optional active recovery on the days in between.

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WEEK 2 - Show Up Series
  • Full Body 3-2-1 & Done

    Episode 1

    33m | Intermediate

    Works Well For:
    Strength Training | Muscle Building | Stability & Balance | Abs & Core

    Equipment Needed:
    Light dumbbells (5-10 lbs), Heavy dumbbells (15-30 lbs), Team Bands (optional)


    2.71 MB

    Welcome to your 12/18-12/24 weekly schedule!