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    Are you ready to run? Click “more” to learn more about how you can use our app to support your running journey.

    See the full RUNNING section here:

    In general, we recommend full body training 3x per week and staying active on the days in between. The...


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    Pick one of these to do BEFORE your run! Click “more” to learn more about your pre-run warm up routine.

    The best warm up is the one you’ll actually do before running. This is why we spend no more than 10-15 minutes getting ready.

    The goals of our warm up routine are to:

    1. Warm up your body - ...


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    Pick 2-3 of these to do BETWEEN your runs! Click “more” to learn more about balancing running with strength training.

    We recommend running and strength training on separate days to maximize recovery and minimize interference between your training.

    The easiest way to balance this is with a full ...


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    Pick one of these to do AFTER your run or as you need! Click “more” to learn more about recovery mobility.

    Mobility is key to accessing the range of motion you need for pain-free, proper running technique.

    Think of your warm up like a quickie tune up and these mobility routines as pressing the ...


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    Try these tips to improve your running!

    How you apply these is up to you, but as with anything - the key is to not change too much, too quickly.

    Instead of obsessing over a certain foot strike or trying to copy what someone else is doing, our approach aims to improve what your body does naturally.